We want to create a place for people from all around the world. For people who are travelers. People who explore the world and life with curiosity, care of one another and a sense of humor. People who are free. Free from the stereotypes, free from the social opinion and disapproval. Free from all those fears and negative thoughts which made you delay your incredible journey. We, like you, want to be a force for good. We are Vagabundos!

First we eat - then we do everything else

There is no ME in TAPAS. Tapas is made for us to share. It taste better when we share it with our friends and family. Sharing is Caring, remember?


We serve tapas from all over the world. So we are not a Spanish tapas restaurant, even though all of us love the Spanish cuisine. Some are Spanish but the rest could be from Sweden, Latin Amerika or Asia. Whenever we find inspiration for a dish we’ll put it on the menu. No matter where in the world the inspiration comes from. Or should we say, no matter from which travel. We are Vagabundos after all.


Here’s our menu in English

Nuestro menú en español

The wines

We are no wine experts but we know what we like. We like wines which makes us giggly of joy and we also know that the best wines are the ones we share with friends. So let’s call us enthusiasts. Like our tapas, our wines are from all over the world. Even though we have to admit that right now we in to the lovely wines of this beautiful island. Wow! Just saying!


 Let’s have fun! Make a reservation!


I knew I should have taken a selfie…..

I’ll be back. Check out the place in the meanwhile…